Geo Rep Product Features

Custom Forms & Contracts

Create and manage forms and contracts through the management portal. Enable field sales representatives to complete these forms and contracts on the Geo Rep app, live – in the field. The Geo Rep app uses both text-to-speech and standard type, inputting options.

Manage Sales Rep Tasks

Enable field sales representatives to complete audits, surveys, tasks, and customer specific actions, live in the field via the Geo Rep app. Take and upload time stamped task photos on the app. Manage and view accurate sales rep activity via the management portal. 

Manage your calendar

Enable field sales representatives to manage and view their scheduled calls and visits easily on the app.

The Geo Rep app enables field sales reps to plan their hour, day, and week in advance. Increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of your field sales team.


Reduced admin, increased efficiency and field sales rep productivity is the foundation of Geo Rep. With Live GPS Tracking, Route Mapping, Call Cycle Calendars, and Automated Time Sheets, enable field sales reps to efficiently plan, navigate and complete their day.

Notify Your Sales Team

Send instant notifications and messages from the management portal to your field sales representatives, to access via the Geo Rep app.

Content Library

Provide field sales reps with easy to navigate and updated catalogs, files, product lists, pricing, and stock availability information. Reduce time wasted by saving, storing and opening all necessary business websites / links within the Geo Rep app.

Serve Customers Better

Increase customer engagement with recorded customer history, location history, purchase history, previously asked questions, individual pain points, updated product lists and their stock levels.

Share reliable, recorded data between sales reps with real-time syncing.

Integrations & Partners