Frequently Asked Questions

What is Geo Rep?

Geo Rep is an all-in-one field sales productivity solution that is suitable for multiple industries and any company that has sales, promotional, merchandising or field sales representative teams and a product or service to sell. We are the full visibility link between the office and the field. Above all, Geo Rep enables field sales reps with clear planning, optimized direction, tasks, critical insights, admin solutions and improved sales processes.

Why Geo Rep versus competitors?

At Geo Rep we win over 80% of head-to-head client pitches as we are here to solve business pain points and always aim for win-win business partnerships. At Geo Rep, our product is our contract. That’s why we operate on a month-to-month contract basis, and do not require long term contracts. If the Geo Rep app doesn’t work for you, then you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Our software is modular and highly customizable where needed. We never stop innovating and new innovations come standard with all license agreements, regardless of the package chosen.

How does the setup of Geo Rep work?

The Geo Rep team does the initial setup of your instance and delivers a fully functional solution. Training is furthermore provided to allow management users to completed changes and setup in the future. Setup is easy and can be completed fast. It is done through excel templates using bulk import or via individual record adding.

Where is your support team based?

The Geo Rep support team is based in Cape Town, South Africa (GMT +2 time zone).

How do you offer support?

Support is offered through, on app support, Zendesk, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, TeamViewer and Call Back.

What training do you offer?

Initial training is provided during the on-boarding stage. Training is conducted live, using Zoom or MS Teams – this allows interactivity and participation from the users and trainer. Training is done using your live system/ setup of the Geo Rep app. There are two training sessions, training for field sales representatives who will be using the mobile app and training for managers, who will be using the management portal. Additional and onward training will be provided via videos and knowledge-base resources.

Will my users understand and be able to use Geo Rep?

Geo Rep was designed around providing functionality, with a simple, uncomplicated user experience.

Does Geo Rep charge for innovation?

No, all innovations and updates are available free of charge, regardless of which package is chosen. In fact, we at Geo Rep encourage you to update your app ASAP – this is to provide you and your team with an even better Geo Rep user experience.

Do I need to sign up for a long-term contract?

No, at Geo Rep, our product is our contract. That’s why we operate on a month-to-month contract basis, and do not require long term contracts. If the Geo Rep app doesn’t work for you and your team, then you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

What happens when I need to change my licenses and package?

Changes in licenses and packages is simple and easy, with no repeat setup fee. Packages can be changed anytime, all that needs to be done is to contact our support team. 

Who helps me with setup changes?

The Geo Rep support team will help and guide you through all necessary setup changes. Additionally, your super user will also be able to make changes to your instance.

Can you integrate with other systems, like accounting /ERP?

Yes, Geo Rep can and does integrate with many other platforms for easy transition for you and your team.

Is the system customizable and can you build the features I require?

Yes, Geo Rep is a white label system meaning that it can be customized to align with your company, including your logo and main colours. The Geo Rep system can be customized for the features necessary to your company.

Can Geo Rep be used in multiple countries?

Yes, Geo Rep can work in any country that allows for the app* and has regional servers to ensure connections are locally based.

What devices are required?

The Geo Rep app can be used on multiple mobile devices such as phones, tablets and PC’s.

Who manages my system?

Your system is manageable by all members with a management portal login/ profile. The Geo Rep support team will also be able to manage your system during support sessions if necessary.

How quick and easy is it to setup Geo Rep?

The Geo Rep app has been designed to enable fast setup – once all necessary information, files, product lists, etc. have been provided to the Geo Rep team, setup can take as little as 24 hours*.

Does Geo Rep work in areas with low or no connectivity (offline)?

Yes, the Geo Rep app is fully functional in offline mode. Everything done in offline mode will be saved and synced automatically as soon as connection is restored.

How much data does the Geo Rep App use?

The Geo Rep app was designed to use minimal data and also offers offline mode. It is however recommended that app updates and syncing are done over a Wi-Fi connection.

Is my data secure?

Yes, Geo Rep is only accessible to users who have been provided with a unique login and password. The management portal can only be managed by admin users and cannot be accessed by sales representatives. Geo Rep is protected with all the necessary firewalls and encryption services in order to protect and manage your information. Do not share your passwords or login details with strangers.

How much does Geo Rep cost?

Our pricing is based on your company’s needs. Pricing is determined by the number of users, integrations, and reporting requirements, specific to your company. Pricing per user/ per month varies depending on the package chosen (R419 – R889).