What Should My Field Sales Software Do While I Sleep?

As a sales professional, we have all heard amazing promises from software companies as to why their software is better, faster, or smarter than the next. We hear how their app increases productivity, reduces admin, manages your sales reps and increases sales – BUT what we don’t hear is how much daily intervention it requires? How often do I have to reset or clear out my storage space? Are the number of users per day limited? Do I have to plan, predict, and log issues 24hours in advance to get on time and relevant support? These are the questions we should be asking.

For real though, “What is my field sales software doing while I’m sleeping?”

In today’s business world, competition is non-avoidable and the key to success isn’t always just hiring or firing staff, we need to innovate, we need to create efficient processes and make insightful, on time decisions that will impact today, tomorrow and the future of our teams! That is why it’s all so important to find a field sales software that does what you need, when you need, how you need it.

Before choosing your field sales software, you need to make sure your field sales team is up to par and equipped with everything they need to succeed.

Firstly, what does my sales team need to know?
The job of a field-based sales rep can be lonely and disconnected which makes it easy to lose site of the end goal. That’s why it is essential for management to enable their sales reps with the following information.

  • What should I be doing? (Direction/ Vision/ Targets)
  • How am I doing? (Performance vs Targets)
  • How can I improve? (Coaching/ Developing/ Enabling)

Is my field sales software really all that if it doesn’t help me to help my team?

Secondly, how can I help my team do better?
Simple! With the right field sales software! 💡 Hint: it’s Geo Rep.


Artificial intelligence and Logical Programming
The words “Artificial Intelligence” immediately bring up thoughts and images of robots taking over the world and stealing our jobs. In today’s reality, artificial intelligence is an almost untouched secret tool.

In the context of the ideal, perfect field sales software – artificial intelligence and logical programming will enable field sales reps and manages alike, to manage, plan and perform tasks seamlessly. In a nutshell, with the use of artificial intelligence and logical programming, mundane tasks that managers used to spend hours on such as admin, planning, and time sheet tracking – are eliminated and done within the software. Thus, enabling managers with more time, better quality information and the possibilities for increased coaching, team growth and better results!

Now, logical programming is no easy thing to understand, however this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be easy to use – when provided correctly. A great field sales software enables managers and sales reps to maximize results using logical programming, in an uncomplicated way. The right field sales software will continue to run, gather data, work efficiently, provide team members with efficient information, and improve your companies results – All while you are sleeping.

A field sales software should provide managers, sales professionals, and sales reps with no less than the following:

Enabling managers and users to set targets and manage those targets in one easy to access, easy to update and visually beneficial app is essential for all those involved to know, in-real time WHAT is expected of them and WHEN it is expected. A great field sales software enables users with dashboards, customer specific tasks and content delivery standards. With a good business strategy, great business practices and constant improvement – success is inevitable!

Performance analytics (don’t tell anyone but… this is where the AI Robot’s help us out).
An effective field sales software will enable managers to view, save, distribute, and manage automated performance reports – this reduces time wasted for managers and team members. Gone are the days when we had to input our information on clipboards and excel sheets – the future (and the right field sales software) enables us to do this straight from our devices. The right field sales software enables you to immediately see how you’re doing – and how you can do better.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a software program can turn anyone into a coach or a mentor BUT what I am saying is that with the right software, managers will have more time, more information, and better tools to provide their teams with what they need, when they need it. Logically programmed AI helps us with this by continuously tracking, evaluating, and organizing inputted data to provide important metrics to managers. The right field sales software enables managers to set, view and modify targets, it also provides managers with a clearly displayed view of which targets are being met, and how improvements could be made to meet those that aren’t successful.

Technology is the future and it’s time to get AI on your side – let the robots do the jobs that aren’t making you money (the mundane, time-consuming tasks) and free up your time to increase performance within your team, reach your customers better and evolve the skills that matter most. Embrace this technology driven future, don’t get stuck behind the rest with the wrong field sales software.

So, what now?
After all that, ask yourself – am I using the right field sales management software? Am I using Geo Rep?

If not, its time to find out – What should your Field Sales Software do while you’re sleeping?

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