Have You Found Yourself In A Grudge Purchase?

In the past, signing long term agreements was the goal for any and all software providers, today that seems to be a thing of the past. Short term software agreements are taking over, and for good reason too.

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It’s unavoidable, your business’s needs and wants change as your business grows and develops, that’s why it’s essential that we as business managers should be able to choose who we want to work with, when we want to work with them. In business, software and in life, we all need someone or something who will help us meet our needs – not hold us back. It’s here where you need to ask yourself the important question. Are you choosing to be with your software provider or are they holding you back?

When you find yourself searching for a service provider – don’t make the same mistake as others, if you see a company asking for a long term, 12-month agreementSTOP what you’re doing! Ask yourself why is this the case? In this day and age, why are software companies trying to tie us into long term contracts? The right service provider won’t need a long-term contract to keep you as a client – their product, service, and support should be all you need to want to stay loyal and remain a long-lasting customer. If you aren’t happy with your service provider, you shouldn’t be held down due to a technicality.

Software companies (companies in general actually), who offer month-to-month contracts are often seen as more confident in their product/ service, and it allows potential clients to see that they trust what they are selling, and they know the value it’ll bring to you, your employees, and your business. Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics, has explained why confidence is so important: “This level of brand confidence perpetuates itself,” he said. “You become a ‘best brand’ in the mind of the customer. You become the SaaS they ‘love and need.’ This type of customer loyalty, in turn, builds the brand confidence even more.”

In the software industry we’ve heard far too many potential customers tell us how they are stuck in a contract with a service provider that aren’t meeting their needs, have changed their terms, and are making them unhappy! The sad truth is that long term contracts often tie you down with a software provider, who in the long run, can’t provide for your companies growing needs. Software changes every day and if you aren’t with a software provider who is constantly innovating to keep up with these changes, disappointment is to be expected. Your software provider should value your success and happiness as much as their own. Your happiness with their great product/ service should be the only “contract” needed.

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Long term contracts, especially in the software industry should be a thing of that past. We can’t expect to know what the tech world of tomorrow will bring, so how can we be expected to commit to a software provider who we don’t know what they’ll bring to the table next month, let alone in the next 12 months.

At Geo Rep we operate on a month-to-month agreement basis. This is because we know our software, service and support will make you want to stay. Geo Rep is an innovative field sales software provider, and we pride ourselves on creating an environment where you, your employees and your business feel valued, respected, and listened to. We want you to have the freedom to choose to be with us, not be forced to stay. Don’t get bullied into a long-term contract, choose the software provider that’s right for you, your needs, and your business – Choose Geo Rep, the all-in-one field sales software provider.